Alright, Alright

So I haven’t forgotten your demands, but I’m gonna just write this quick in between post.

I’m in LA at the moment helping Intelligentsia prepare for the Western Regional Barista Competition. With 5 of the 6 finalists in the USBC last year hailing from this region, the competition is due to be tight.

In addition, the good people who’ve been working towards this for months have got some really cool events planned and a little bit of innovation in the layout of the whole thing. The event will be uploaded live on ustream, and theres already a blog where you’ll find lots updates in the lead up and throughout the competition.

Theres talk of me emceeing, along with my good pal Kyle Glanville and I’m told they’re working on finding translators for my thick brogue for the poor LA locals.


9 thoughts on “Alright, Alright

  1. will frith says:


    you’ve got an americanized accent as far as i can tell…

  2. karl purdy says:

    ‘Poor LA locals’… we need a translator for you here in Dublin!

  3. colinharmon says:

    Would love to watch but I reckon the final ends 1am our time Sunday night?? Hopefully it’ll be posted somewhere after?

  4. Nick Griffith says:

    You are a man above men!
    I cant understand a single word you say, but I love ya anyway.
    And, I want that hat!!

  5. jill naples says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Eight O’clock coffee has a cool contest going on for it’s 150th Anniversary. Check out when you have a chance. Winner gets 5,000 dollar food shopping spree.

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  7. Cmjmuyls says:

    rLRpIH comment2 ,

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