A new post.

I’ve been struggling to write anything for this in a while. The reason for this is not anything to do with my recent change of employment, but rather its got more to do with just not being quite sure what anyone’d be interested in hearing about. 

As you can no doubt quite easily believe, this is quite a quiet blog, both in output and readers. And while I’m aware this year I’m having is fairly unique and may be of some interest to someone, every post I start to write feels a little too familiar or samey.

I’m writing this on my first ever flight with Alaska Airlines, from Chicago to Seattle. Between this paragraph and the last I spent 25 minutes wondering what to write and trying to read what the person two rows ahead is typing on her laptop. I suspect, from her attire, its a fantasy novel, probably her first. I hoe it works out for her.

So heres what we’ll do. Seeing as I’m an indecisive, nosy individual, I’ll let you decide what you’re possibly interested in hearing about. I promise I will write a decent post on whatever you choose, and should numbers be very low, it will confirm my long held belief that no one really reads this or is bothered to hear what I’ve been doing anyway.

Which would you rather hear about?
1) Meeting Roberto Diaz, the farmer of El Bosque in Guatemala
2) Lets Talk Coffee in Armenia
3) A week with Geoff Watts in Cali.
4) The farms, consejos, cafes, baristas, personalities and varietal garden of El Salvador, some of them at least.
5) 10 days in Taiwan
6) My New GS3
7) The Canadian Barista Competition
8) Where I now work.

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edit: I must apologise, the only new employer I have is myself. I had heard rumours lately of where my new place or work might be, and seeing as they were all news to me, I thought it’d be funny to throw it in as an option. So baring that in mind, the next highest post is my week in Cali with Geoff.

I’m currently in Tacoma Seattle, helping judge the NWRBC. I may even post about it, but I’ll leave it a few days to see if any other option other than ‘my new job’ gets requests.

Seemed like a funny idea at the time, sorry to cause confusion. Its like the ‘news to me’ thing all over again.

22 thoughts on “A new post.

  1. Ron says:

    lol it so hard to choose i wanted to hear about the last 4 hahaha

  2. Dave says:

    While I’d like a:

    9) All of the above


    I’d have to go for number 8… :D

  3. Emily says:

    all of them, please. from last to first.

  4. Klaus says:

    I’d have to say all above but from last to first. Although I’d like to see if my guess for your new employee is correct…

  5. Wolfram says:

    :o) guess what…

    All of them in no particular order.

  6. liz says:

    sorry, were you saying something? I dozed off.

  7. colinharmon says:

    I’m a 4 man myself

  8. Tim Varney says:

    It was actually quite a refreshing post to read, albeit a little light on the details….

  9. sdotjames says:

    I don’t believe for a second that the love child of Father Ted & Nigela Lawson hasn’t got at least one quirky anecdote to blog about.

  10. liz says:

    It’s PT’s, isn’t it.

  11. Klaus says:

    Dammit I had good money going on a bet that your new employee was Nestlé :-P Muaha ha HA!!

  12. Just get on with it and tell us all of them. Come on its not like your busy or anything ;)

    Number 1 please

  13. will frith says:

    i’m pretty jealous of your gs3 and so i kinda wanted to hear about that…

    as far as employers go, being one’s own boss sounds intriguing.

    in other news, i’ve come to the conclusion that a proper coffee cup of one’s own is a necessary companion, on the level of notebook and pen (or notebook computer).

  14. vic says:

    none of the above, i want to hear about your feelings :)

  15. Sonia says:

    4!!!!! PLEASE!!!! hahahaha ;)

  16. Sonia says:

    c’mmonnnn you know you wanna do 4!!!!!!

  17. SlowRain says:

    I’m still waiting for something on coffee in Taiwan. Looks like you have your hands full keeping everyone happy.

  18. Where you are working now?

    My guess is Intelligentisa. Most probably Los Angeles and in their new Venice Beach location.

    If that’s the case, I’d like to hear more about your adventures away from the United States.

  19. alex says:

    i saw you in Intelli Silverlake yesterday saturday in the afternoon…i was uncessantly smellin the coffebags. My girlfriend and i had a couple of shots of Black Cat, some Kenya Ndaorini, a capuccino, some tea. Lovely evening, you were way into your book, and seein the intelli baristas do their thang, (so was i, second to smelling the bags)

    Oh yeah, write about the week in Cali.

  20. Anthony Ivey says:

    I heard you had done a quick coffee tour of Taiwan recently so I noted the cafes you went to and attempted to get to as many of them as I could on my recent 1 week trip to Taiwan. I’d love to know what you thought about it. I was blown away by the coffee culture in Taiwan. I visited George House (a little syphon coffee-only establishment in Taipei), GaBee (home to most of the Taiwanese Barista Champions, apparently), Trilobite, Retro and Orsir.

  21. fournines says:

    I vote for #2..

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