Bittersweet Developments

This week, I decided to step away from my role in Square Mile Coffee Roasters. It wasn’t a light decision and resulted only after long discussion with James who has already announced it here.

I have been involved in Square Mile from the beginning and stepping away now just as the business is really establishing itself in London and contributing heavily to the burgeoning coffee community does seem a little odd. I have learned much from James and Anette and still feel incredibly excited about what Square Mile will achieve over the next few months and in the future. It has been a great honour to work with both of them and consider them close friends.

However in the last few months, I have been traveling extensively and learning at a rate thats been both daunting and inspiring. As wonderful as this has been, it has resulted in a very diminished role in the company preventing me from contributing as much as I’d like.

Being the last champion, James was very keen to allow me to get the most out of this year and avail of every opportunity and very kindly gave me that freedom. Knowing I might never have a year like it again, I have been able to visit  four origin countries in the last three months alone and discover all over again just how little I know about coffee, certainly on the agronomy side at least. 

I have come to realise that I want to maintain this rate of learning, continue to travel and still make time to see my family and of course Jenny who is really far too patient and understanding to deserve a big lump like me. To have that and still play an effective role in Square Mile Coffee is just not possible, and it is for that reason I decided it was necessary to leave.



15 thoughts on “Bittersweet Developments

  1. Hey Stephen, we (along with Jenny) will all be glad to see more of your mush and look forward to that Christmas drink

  2. stephen,
    it must have been a tough decision and i’m sure james and anette are sad to see you go. question; any plans to visit anywhere in the states that isn’t on the left or right? we have some pretty good coffee in the middle too…

  3. Stephen, I’m so happy for you to see how much good you are getting out of your WBC title. I am sure your future will be as exciting as this year has been for you. And yes, Jenny really is too good to you 😉 Hope your travels will bring you to Denmark again soon. Take care!

  4. Like Alastair said… brave move. Respect for that.
    If your life of loafing brings you to Cornwall come and say hello…I’m intrigued to know what you’re planning…besides slacking.

  5. Stephen just heard the news so good luck for the future and as a few have already said well done for taking that difficult yet honorable decision. I hope you continue to travel and enjoy every second of your year as champion and beyond. Hope your over here regularly and it would be nice to catch up on your experiences. speak soon Penk

    p.s. I’ve still got ur signed poster from Copenhagen so let me know when ur next over and i’ll bring it down for you. sp

  6. Hi Stephen,
    I am sure ur choice was hard, but life is always full of opportunities and you are in the middle of a great experiance,which very few can ever dream of doing. Speak soon, James S

  7. Well, best of luck, and Jenny is always welcome here, so if she’s foolish enough to let you tag along we won’t toss you out (right away). You may yet do great things in spite of yourself, and I continue to have (for no apparent reason) high hopes for your contributions to this little segment of the coffee market. BTW, books are safe here nestled between the Larousse Gastronomique and the entire collection of Art Culinaire.

  8. Stephen,
    The very best of luck with everything you undertake in the coming months and years. Look forward to seeing you again soon and catching up.


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