Hello? hullo? hello? ……. hullo?

Hello. So rather than structure a post thats pretty and wordy, heres an update of what I’ve gotten up to since flying thudly into Nicaragua 6 days ago.

I’ve stayed in a fancy hotel.

I’ve eaten rice and beans for breakfast.

I’ve swam in such a way that I got a mosquito bit on the sole of my foot.

I’ve been constantly frustrated that what little spanish I have is both horribly limited and severely useless due to the heavy barcelona accent I seem to have.

I’ve gone to the lavatory more than a man should in so few days.

I met and worked with Ellie Matuzzakka, who is both wonderful and horrible, but horrible in the way I find so damn charming. Right?

I met Mark Inman who I hate for abandoning his country, but love for his public speaking skills. 

I met Ric Reinhart, who actually I’d met before in Vancouver, and then insisted on asking him how he knew I’d been to Vancouver as I’d never mentioned it to him.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with my co trainers Raul, Luis Cappuccino and Rodrigo.

I’ve been to a farm, and feel the same way I did when I attended the WBC in seattle. I know way too little about this stuff.

I’m a little embarrassed at how surprised I am at how developed Nicaragua is in comparison to what I was expecting. I’m not sure if it means I’m racist or anything, but while I have seen some considerable poverty, the hotel I stayed in was quite fancy. It feels like a mixed bag kind of country, and I’ll leave it feeling slightly uncomfortable about how well off I am. 

I’m very excited about the next stage of my trip, which is Guatemala. I’ll be giving a workshop or two, and hoepfully, I’ll be visiting El Bosque, whose coffee formed 50% of the blend Anette designed for us.

I just shot a gun into a pool, and am hairier as a result.

I’ve made friends with a man from the Domican Republic, who has some funny ideas about aged coffees. It’ll never last.

I’ve eaten cherries, and can’t get over how sweet they are.

I’ve travelled around Managua on the back of a truck with Mark Inman and am hairier because of it.

I’ve seen cocoa trees, banana trees, orange trees and a spider that could kill me in 6 hours but was already being eaten by a fly that was harmless to me. Ha.

I’ve been bitten by three mosquitos, but no sign of malaria yet. Not that I’ve a clue what the symptoms of Malaria are?

thats all for now


14 thoughts on “Hello? hullo? hello? ……. hullo?

  1. malaria: fever, shakes, puking. sometimes white, filmy lips. sometimes the squirts. always a wish for sweet rapture to come. or drugs.

    on the upside, it’s the most effective weight-loss program i’ve ever had.

  2. Ok so now i feel better for you forgetting Ric for me forgetting you from Seattle. 🙂

    our spiders will kill you in a half hour

    E x

  3. Haven’t I met you some where before? Apparently your Dad has not heard the Cork accent, or his worries about your English would be even more acute. Thanks for the Hello? Hello?

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