Competition Practice Day 1

So I’ve finally gotten serious.

Tonight I started competition routines again. My signature drink is still being built, and at great cost, but should be ready by next week. (customs in Turkmenistan are a nightmare) But I’m back doing capps competition style, which, for me is hotter than I normally like them. We’ve set up the roastery so it resembles the WBC stage of Tokyo last year, even including the backstage machines. Theres still a need for some grumpy stage hands, uber competitive baristas, and pompous ex champs – (though James admittedly does a good job).

I’m enjoying identifying problem areas but not looking forward to losing sleep over them. I like getting familiar with cups and cloths and other items, but I worry about getting sick of my comp music too soon. This may change over time. Speaking of music, one song you should all be listening to is White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes, my sister suggested it for competition but it lacks the slap stick style I wanna get across.

No doubt as the competition gets closer and the worst part of it becomes more imminent, (logistics) I’ll start to wish I’d started preparing earlier. But if theres one thing in my performance I wanna achieve, its a genuine character. And if I’m being genuine, then it should be difficult to understand, funny to look at but also tasty.

Those of you who don’t check the square mile holding page each day, (we can see you), might not have noticed the change. We’ll call it a teaser. Not that this blog will ever be Square Mile centered.

I suppose I should put a picture in to pretty the post up;

barista in a box, available soon  





17 thoughts on “Competition Practice Day 1

  1. I’m having problems with my cellist, both the buffalos udders and the venetian glass blower (who happily is a primordial dwarf, so easily pushed around) …good to know we all have hurdles.

    If your version of a slightly pompous ex-champ is causing you any irritation, can I borrow it for a day?

  2. RobDunne…cold beverage, a classic, i used to adore that album. stick it in the fridge. take note brother, this guy knows his stuff.

  3. Just to say well done!
    Fantastic performance today and yesterday – even my tea drinking wife was amazingly excited whilst waiting for the results


  4. If ever there was a deserving champion you are it – 10 years plus, with many sacrifices along the way …. you turned us all upside down and inside out – well done ya gem XXX

  5. Stephen. I am glad you didn’t do a ‘flying thud’ on the stage. Congratulations again on the win. We all look forward to hear about how you experienced the whole thing, so I hope you get a chance to update your blog soon.

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