Practice sucks

The Square Mile Coffee Sample Roaster is alive and kicking, and so today, the day after Anette roasted seemingly hundreds of samples, we tasted whats out there. It feels so good to get cupping again, though as we set up our 5th flight( I say we, James and Anette are doing it as I’m clearly typing this), I’m quickly learning about the fatigue from trying to concentrate. This may lead you to think that I rarely concentrate and you’d be right. If anything you should interpret this as a sign of how seriously I take coffee.

I’m working on a brand new signature drink right now, which obviously I’ll tell you nothing about. I don’t think any fellow competitors will steal any ideas, nor do I think they’d want to, but it’ll be more impressive if I reveal it in Copenhagen. (Translated, its nowhere near finished yet)

I do however know what espresso cups I’l be using, what shirt I’ll be wearing, what level of trimmed beard and what milk (after relying on last year’s WBC country’s milk, I’ve decided to go with the more trustworthy and quite tasty Irish Brand of Avonmore).

Your Champ America

I’m delighted at Kyle’s success in the US, and look forward to kicking his prep table over backstage. 

I’m working on a new latte art design that I think hasn’t been done before, but then I’m not sure how well this particular person’s face is known.

Its quite challenging to think up new ideas, and I know I definitely don’t wanna etch. I think etching is clever, but I like latte art thats quick and doesn’t interfere with the drink once the cup’s filled up.

Here are my macchiato practice so far;

macchiato practice


Also, you may find this video fun. I really like Garrison Keillor, and Prairie Home Companion. 

But yeah, practice sucks.


5 thoughts on “Practice sucks

  1. congrats on the progress. I’m sad that I’ll miss seeing you in Copenhagen but I have a friend’s post-wedding thing I must attend. But I’ll be there in spirit (where “in spirit” means it might occur to me to think of absent friends while I frolic in a mushroom daze along the Oregon coastline).

    I will imagine you and Kyle with your first and second place trophies tongue kissing before the cheering throngs as James passes on the WBC pimp chalice.

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