I’m sure you’re all glued to the USBC blog this week, but you may find this fun;

I’ve just moved into my new place, which has no internet, so I haven’t been able to stay on top of things in Minneapolis. But I just wanna say how delighted I am to see the LA crew do so well, particularly Nick and Kyle. 

You’re all winners, except for those of you who didn’t win, in which case, well you know what you are then.



7 thoughts on “Video

  1. He mentioned this was due to broadcast but I missed it – thanks for the post – c u soon.

  2. Hola Senor,

    Hope you are well, we at Symba Towers were just wondering how progress is coming on Sq Mile? Nowt to report here, other than Fox going mad over next smartphone show only six months in advance and i have to pick up the oh so tiny pieces of her shattered mind, fun!


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