A little music.

I think I’ll do this now and again. I was temped to start a seperate blog, but I wouldn’t have enough content for it, so instead I’ll subject you lot to it now and again.

Though it wasn’t till three years into my music degree that I realised coffee promised more, I do still get a lot from music. I like to think my taste is quite varied, so heres a clip of something I think is just great great great. My mother put me onto Norma Waterson and my father loves Martin Carthy. Who doesn’t love richard thompson so I threw another one just of him in. 

The sound quality isn’t bad for youtube but could be better.  The next time I do this it will be a different style of music. Oh, and those of you in NY, my brother will be in town on wednesday for a week, and has a list of cafes, so watch out. As my childhood alias given to me by my dad was the flyingthud, my brother’s was the human mess. Please call him so should you see him.


6 thoughts on “A little music.

  1. What’s with all the Europeans trying to do country? I’m not sure I approve. And as a bona fide country boy I think I oughtta have a say in this. Hrumph.

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