Moving to London

In the airport again. Today I fly to London on what I think is my first ever flight were I only booked one way. Though I still haven’t found an apartment, my soon to be flat mate and I are working to sort that out quickly.


Square Mile is beginning to take shape rapidly and the need for me to be full time in London has come. I’m so excited about the kind of work we’re gonna do. With respect to my former employers, I’ve never worked in a job so in line with my attitude to coffee and just knowing how much we’ll learn every day is, to coin the americans, awesome. Or is it killer? I’m never sure. Oh to be street.


Nick Brown of Manic Coffee and of dwelltime fame is in London too on a college trip so I’m hoping to catch up with him and give him shit for killing seals while we taste the best London has to offer.


Regarding preparing for competition, I’m re working my whole routine. Everything will be new bar perhaps a few table setting things and maybe my tamper which I just found out I left in LA. Luckily its set to only work with my hand, and will self destruct should another fool try. There was a gun in Judge Dredd that did that, anyone wanna remind me of the name?


I’m sure you were all watching the Western Regionals in Berkley last weekend, thrilling stuff. Big Congrats to Baca and my pals at intelly for doing so well. 798 is such a big score, it’ll be interesting to see if anything in the US final gets that high. I’m hoping to go to the SCAA so hopefully I’ll catch up with some of you there. 


Sorry theres no pics in this post.


5 thoughts on “Moving to London

  1. the gun was only for the judge who owns it if anyone tries to use it,it self destructs,kinda like a security system but without the blowing up.

  2. I was in a VERY small convenience store at Tokyo Big Sight that had a huge variety of products including a small restaurant in the corner. Take out only. While waiting for my food I walked around the 3 isles thoroughly amused at the things sold in a small convenience store inside the biggest convention center in Japan.

    You would think they would allow enough space in each isle for one to walk down it with out having to shuffle sideways. Especially if you cross paths with a pair of flip flops wearing a beard and belly. We’ve never officially met, but we’ve been closer than I ever need to be in the future. Congratulations on your win and big move. I look forward to meeting some day.

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