Back in LA



There was a slight come down after the competition last weekend.  After weeks of working towards a goal, and needing to fit so many things into each day, suddenly I found myself with an open book.  I was and still am delighted with my success and please don’t stop  with all the praise, its probably a good social experiment to see just how big a man’s ego can get before its no doubt torn apart in Copenhagen.


So anyway, I found myself with the prospect of a week or so to fill before heading back to London to look for an apartment and get back working in the roastery. By Wednesday, I was feeling quite fed up and resorting to the xbox 360 which can only lead to trouble. However, on Wednesday, my Dad informed me that the rules in Aer Lingus staff travel had changed, and that with his 38 years of service, and a change of dates, I was allowed to get two more stand by tickets. Add to this the want to travel,a recent phone with Kyle Glanville about the prospect of helping each other get to Copenhagen and the WBC finals, and the want to catch up with dear old friends like Deaton no  longer a bigot Pigot, and wa hey, I’m in LA.


So far all I’ve done is got off the plane, had a gibraltar and a clover of the Zirikana in the store, gotten drunk on an apartment rooftop looking over the hills, played a lot of elton john to an unimpressed crowd, and then danced with everyone to the demo on a fancy keyboard. Its now 6.30 am, and I’m wide awake. Considering I went to bed at 6.30 am Irish time last night, I guess I could be feeling worse.


Coffee wise, I’ll try give any feedback I think may be missing on anything I see out here, looking forward of course to spending more time in the Silverlake cafe, and checking out LA Mill too.


Oh, and one final thing. I brought over my two remaining bags of Coffee Collective’s Espresso Blend, one I took in my carry on, the other I checked in. Weirdly, the one on the right in this picture was the carry on, the left the check in. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?



4 thoughts on “Back in LA

  1. yeah that is weird. It suggests that the pressure in the cabin was lower than in the luggage hold, i.e. cabins are maintained at a pressure equivalent of 8,000 feet and your wee espresso bags (with one-way valves?) in the luggage experienced a smaller change in pressure – less than 0 – 8,000 feet.

    Or the valve was busted and pressurized at ground level again…

    Hmmm. Congratulation too, nice one in the competition.

  2. Hmmmm. Strange. I just brought twp bags of Finca Vista Hermosa with me to Guatemala and Panama, and after going up and down on three executive flights (four for Panama) they had been compressed and de-compressed so many times, it was as if they had been roasted two weeks earlier. Strange things happens when you mess with the pressure…
    But whatever happened with the bags for you are strange. They checked-in ones have always come out more compacted for me. Wierd…
    Well, let me know how it tasted after all that.

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