So I’m through to the final 8. I’m so delighted to go through to the finals, but annoyingly can’t relax yet as the challenges of retooling the performance for tomorrow become clear in my head. A number of things went wrong in my prep and in my performance; stupid things like forgetting milk and not having the grinder switched on. The result was a more nervous thud, who possibly used old milk giving me horribly bubbly milk for the capps. In addition, the bar wasn’t lighted as much as I’d have liked, so I didn’t actually see the poor quality milk till I started pouring the capps. I don’t normally use the milk provided but the sponsor this year was the milk I was going to use anyway so I didn’t really consider I may end up grabbing an old one or how the light of the last few days might mess it up.  Tomorrow I won’t make the same mistake. I regretted also not bringing my grinder of choice, the WBC spec Compak into the latte art comp yesterday as after 15 minutes practice and the shots in my prep, I didn’t feel as comfortable or in control as I did in practice last weekend.  Tomorrow I only have 15 minutes practice on the machine, (which is a daft idea seeing as today there were 27 competitors and tomorrow only 8 ) and will spend most of this time dialing in the grind, and familiarising my self with the speed of the compak as opposed to the super jolly I used for the latte art comp yesterday. I wasn’t as nervous as I feared I may be, but I did sweat a lot (samples given on request), and I perhaps didn’t smile as much as I’d have liked to. That said, I finished in time, and the sig drink turned out well. I’ll give a more detailed post on my performance tomorrow, but to give you the jist; Coffee Collective Coffee (which has honestly brought my number of great wholly tasty espressos up to around 15), and a sig drink using almond milk, chocolate malt and espresso. I’ll write how I developed the performance and some of the challenges we faced, but for the moment, I just wanna give my thanks to Jen, Tim, Karl, James, Anette, Family, son, and the good aul boys at Coffee Collective, I really am just beard and belly without you. 


11 thoughts on “UPDATE

  1. Good luck today! You got four guys here in Denmark sitting on needles to hear how it went.
    I really hope I’ll get a chance to taste your sig drink. Sounds really interesting and… tasty 😉
    I like the look of your setup. Clean, simple and elegant.

  2. Good luck and all the best for today (if it’s not already over, that is). I’d love to read more about your preparations and the challenges you’ve faced!

  3. WOO HOO Stephen!!!.. Congratulations from all of us stranded in the snowed in Montreal Train station… there is great joy

  4. Way to go Stephen!
    We’re all so proud of you. Enjoy it tonight.
    I really look forward to see pictures from your presentation and read more about your signature drink etc.
    Senior triple champ! 🙂

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