Better time than any,…disclosure

So this is not really news to many of you, but I’ve been considerably vague as to my current employment situation. I’m delighted to say, I am now working with James Hoffmann and Anette Moldvaer in their new venture, Square Mile Coffee Roasters. Truth is I’ve been involved in this for quite some time, but what with Tokyo and some considerable amount of traveling, I never got round to announcing it here. IN addition, the fact that I was working for other companies during this time such as Intelligentsia in LA, made the idea of announcing it seem a little hasty. These days however, I’m all Square Mile Coffee me, and while this blog will continue, sporadically as ever no doubt as a personal space, I thought I should probably bring you guys up to date.

 the old, in need of love, but pretty all the same barth we own


Preparations for the Irish are going well, with most of the main decisions made and rehearsed. The main issue needing tackling now is that of full run throughs by myself and in front of others. Sadly my coach James, is required abroad,and will miss the actual competition, but I’ve been able to recruit a few pals to help out on the day.


More soon. 


7 thoughts on “Better time than any,…disclosure

  1. Good luck in the irish masters!
    We´ll be following the results..

    Best of greetings from,

    jaanus and other estonians who are cheering You on

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