Upcoming posts and events

I’m in the airport again. In fact I was here last night, flying in from London. This time though,  I’m off to Barcelona to make coffee for the masses at the 3GSM conference. I’m told Robert Redford will be there and will be sure to let you know how many sugars if any he adds to his cup.  Following this trip, I’m back in London straight away for Hotelympia where I’m giving two different talks, one on milk and another with James called Myth busters. I don’t need to explain either of these do I? Milk, pretty obvious what its about, but if you’re free and in the vicinity, you should try  make it to the Myth Busters one. So far we’ve got our cadillac hurst,some jumpsuits, and a terrific light show, but beyond the theatrics, you can expect to see us explain some of the so called ‘truths’ surrounding espresso brewing and join us in testing their validity.  Read about this lecture and others here.The weeks following that will see me training intensively for the Irish Barista Competition on March 7th to 9th. I’ve been training with James over the last week or so and am really enjoying the experience. Its nice to be the trainee again, particularly when the advice is from someone who understands the game so well.  The signature drink is 80% ready, and I’ve sorted what coffee I’ll be using, (tba). So what remains is largely tweaking, polishing, and lots of practice.I’ll try post more about preparing for the competition, and you can expect a quick summary of my trip to NY too.  


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