New York Again

I’m writing this from Cafe Grumpy in Chelsea, a cafe I’ve been looking forward to visiting for quite some time. I’ve possibly mistaken hunger for thirst and reckon I’ve consumed a little too much coffee but despite the fear of the runs, I’m really quite content right now. I just bought, along with Jen, my first Digital SLR camera, a Canon Rebel xti, or the 400d as its known at home. Up to now I’ve been using a Canon Powershot a540, which in fairness I’ve been very happy with and has served me well. But the few times I got to use James’  350d made me realise my limitations. So hopefully, I’ll be uploading a higher calibre of photos from now on, that or I just wasted a lot of money. We flew into New York on New Years eve and after a great great meal in Cafe Katja in the Lower East Side (we got free dessert!) , we naively attempted to get to Times Square at around 11pm, not knowing people had been camping out there since 5pm. Needless to say the closest we got was three blocks away. We woke the following morning and headed straight to Everyman Espresso. On arrival we found it closed, and stood dumbfounded in the rain for 5 minutes till Dan Griffin walked up and kindly let us in. Dan sorted us out with our first coffees of the trip, and poured some lovely art which sadly I took no photos of. I wasn’t able for a straight shot first thing so I opted for a cappuccino instead, which was yummy.Jen and I then taxied to Clinton Bakery for brunch , (the Lobster Benedict would have been perfect had it not been served on a scone), and took the subway uptown to the rockerfeller, and checked out FAO Schwartz and the cool 24 hour underground mac store next door by Central Park. There was no more coffee till  the following day where we met up with Katie Cargulio, and Dan and did a little cafe crawl around NYC. First up was Cafe Grumpy , then the new Ninth Street Bar in the Celsea Market, then on to Abraco and finally a quick look at the soon to be open Gimme Coffee on Mott St courtesy of Mike White.  I’ll talk more about these spots once I take pics with the new camera, which is currently charging in our hotel room.What  I will say though, is that I’m yet to have any poor coffee here, and have found the few espressos I’ve had really quite nice, something I wasn’t expecting considering the higher dose common here.  Tonight is dinner with some coffee people and then Jen and I are off to our first Broadway show, the new Mel Brooks show, Young Frankenstein. Apologies for not having a very coffee centered post but I promise the next one won’t disappoint.Happy New Year. 


3 thoughts on “New York Again

  1. agh so jealous – i was once in NYC for NYE but the airline managed to loose my baggage, so I spent it 3 blocks from Time Square watching the ball drop on TV because my big wooly coat was still in France. Happy New Year!

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