Christmas Presents

After just watching far too much crap tv and enjoying every second of it (Speed), I’m about to go asleep on this my 25th Christmas. I had a great day spent with family and friends and hope you all did too. To relate this post to coffee I can only offer some measly feedback on the new Bodum Kona that I bought for my brother. I tried a coarse brew at 60g per litre and it was a little sharp so after a quick text to James in Norway, I coarsed that bad boy up and brewed again- (the body boy in this case being a sumatra that Ariosa are currently carrying). The result was really quite nice; rounder, nuanced enough for an indo and certainly seemed to strike favour with my sister, but thats only because years of living in robusta heavy Barcelona has led her down a path that favours that bit of ‘earth’ in the cup. If I find time, in the morning I’ll try brew it side by side with a chemex and see how it does, though I did notice today that it wasn’t as clean as my chemex brews of late.

Moving away from coffee, should you be interested, here is some of the music I will be now listening to over Christmas;

The new Bonnie Prince Billy – Ask Forgiveness (theres a great cover of the Thom Yorke and Bjork track from the Dancer in the Dark soundtrack)

Keith Jarrett – The Koln Concert (which I already had on vinyl but never on cd and can tell you already its lovely)

Menomena – Friend and Foe ( I’ve no idea who these guys are other than my sister recommends them and the artwork on the cover is apparently re-created on stage)

Martin Simpson- Prodigal Son (lovely guitar playing and a nice cover of Louisiana by Randy Newman)

Caribou- Andorra (have had this for a while but its great and will no doubt get play time)

Other gifts included The Trial of Colonel Sweeto by Nicholas Gurewitch from my brother which is some of the funniest and prettiest sketches I’ve ever seen. See example below;

Nicholas Gurewitch

I can now also boast all three Seasons of Arrested Development, (thanks to Nick Brown of Manic for first getting me into it) as well as some nice clothing from my favourite company Angry. In addition to this I had numerous kind donations of dollars for my upcoming trip to NY. Does anyone know if the Christmas Intelligentsia cups can be bought in Manhattan? I need a few, as well as super fresh coffee to bring home, especially Counter Culture, Novo, Intelly and anything else those of you in the know might like. Any tips would be greatly welcomed.

Will try post results of any brew tests, even if all I ultimately say is ‘bodum kona good’ or ‘chemex reigns still’.

Happy Christmas all and enjoy my day tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. Having just returned from an intensive 4-day cafe crawl in NYC, I’m sorry to report that you will have a hard time finding Intelligentisa in the city. Counter Culture has really taken the town by storm– even the non-espresso spots on my must-visit list like tea rooms and bakeries are serving CCC. Do try to make it to Grumpy for the Clovered Novo Honey Bean Boquete. Having just brewed a French-press cup at home, I’m sure wishing that I had access to a Clover to recapture the cup at had at Grumpy.


  2. I got no coffee related presents this year – but that is probably a good thing (I am not entirely sure). I have no idea what I’d want! (Got some cool mugs from Anette for my birthday though!)

    The Bonnie Prince Billy is indeed a nice record – though I always forget to pay attention when I put it on and it all drifts past me in a pleasing way.

  3. I have coffee beans shipped from Boston, MA to Ireland. But rather than use the company’s shipping process, I have them sent to my sister, repacked and sent as a gift. But the company does ship directly to Ireland. The owner of this company began the best coffee shop in Boston/Cambridge in the 1970s, The Coffee Connection.

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