I thought it fit to write a post relating to coffee, and one short enough some of you might actually read it. But I feel the need to update you all with what I’m up to first.

You may or may not know, that I don’t work for Bewley’s anymore, and have been keeping myself busy with travel, and doing training work for the past few months.  I’ll be moving to London in the new year to start a new job, but for the moment, I find myself with more time than I’m used to and wondering what to do with it.  You see normally, I’d be back in college right now but see now I’m all graduated; I happily no longer dread September in the same way.

So with this new time, I’ve decided to throw myself into some new things; namely learning to drive, cooking, and deciding to enter this years Irish Barista Competition.  This year seems right for me, as I doubt I’ll have the time again, and as well as that, the reason I stopped entering was always due to college demands, so I suppose its only right to give it a go now.

Going back into competition will be particularly odd for me. I entered the first two competitions held in Ireland, coming twice both times. Anyone who witnessed both performances, can testify how considerably shocking I was. In fact even seeing me through the cloud of stray grinds was an achievement in itself. I remember serving double shot capps one at a time, using coffee hours out of the roaster, and a sig drink around 7 ingredients strong. Since then, since I stepped back and started judging and helping out at competition, I’ve come to realise just how clueless I was back then. I’ve now been lucky enough to attend two WBC’s and have felt great regret each time that I wasn’t up there representing my country (which, so we’re clear, is not the UK).

I’m very nervous about putting myself under the same sort of self examination that I give others in training. I know what I expect from myself, and what I’d like to communicate, but whether I’ll pull it off under pressure, is of course a whole other kettle of fish. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to talk about it here, in case I give a poor performance and lose any good cred I had. But I reckon its the preparing for competition thats almost the most important part of the experience, and hopefully I’ll share some of that here. (wouldn’t hold your breadth though)

I’m gonna post another short post shortly, on lattes, and it will be marvelous. Expect more announcments soon, some most of you already know and some none of you!


6 thoughts on “update

  1. Way Hey Stephen about bloody time! I am sure you will be a force to be rekoned with and I look forward to your performance, as I do to seeing you next week, we are good to go. Good luck on your journey X

  2. Dont let anything hold you back you are a great barista and a wonderful teacher. Just experience the comps as they are today and take what you learn from them.

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