reluctant to say

I’ve probably posted on coffeed more in the last day then I ever have before, and already I feel tense about what I’ve written. Its possibly a wimpy attitude, and not what you’d expect from a guy who writes a blog, but I worry about putting my opinions out there for all to see. If I’ve learnt anything for certain in coffee is that hard lined opinions are most often a bad thing. I get angry when I see them and try avoid arriving at one if I see it coming. I like how I’m normally quite broad minded in my approach to it all.

The fact that I’ve loved only a handful of espressos is something that whenever I’ve discussed it with peers, they’ve always seemed on the same page. You can imagine my horror to find some disagree. Well not too many, but still, I feel the need to defend my position, and the more I do the more stuck in that opinion I become- not an ideal position for me.

If I could do one of those poll things, (anyone wanna tell me how?), I’d like to see just how many perfect espressos you’ve had.( only in terms of taste)

All I want is a number from people.


16 thoughts on “reluctant to say

  1. 2 amazing espressos one in 2001 and one in 2003. Each was a single origin made by someone else and each very unexpected which was nice.

    I still enjoy espresso as ‘good’ and ‘great’but I drink it daily for my job (we just dont have filtered coffee ANYWHERE)in oz. So to be honest I don’t have a whole lot to compare to apart from french press which I brew at home.

  2. Out of all the shots (thousands and thousands) I would say 5, the first one from Stumptown being the real eye opener. That one just leveled me, all I could say is ‘no shit’ over and over.

  3. Eh – can’t believe it I have to add another one (its been over 2 years since my last!). Was in a fouler of a mood today and had a God Shot from a wee cafe in Bray of all places – needless to say I sang all the way home.

  4. Stephen, don’t get me wrong. My earth shattering shots have been few. However, I feel that way about all coffee. Not just espresso. I think it’s part of being a Batista… Especially a good one. You begin to take it for granted until something shakes you up.

  5. I would have to say that I am hitting double figures lately, I would be pushing 20 at least… Sorry? I am surprised even with the style of roasting that I have seen in Oz there are some baristas getting it right here. Its turned my head up side down!

  6. Hey stephen, first one while judging in dublin 2 years ago, origin Algie via insomnia,possiblt lucky accident. second one, dregs of a cup in jims uk final 2007 so good I was proud he beat me.
    3rd one monday night,, I’m saving some for you.
    That makes 3 total. And i’m an old guy!! Sé

  7. None that I would call perfect, but two that were far far beyond anything else I’ve ever had. S.O.E. Addis Ketema Yirg from Terroir in September of ’06 (before they started tipping and scorching) and Caffe Crescendo from Kaffa right after the NBC last year (October 1, ’06). Definitely life changing moments. Anything specific for you?

  8. Maybe espresso isn’t the best way for coffee to express itself. For that matter who really likes coffee (think about when you were a kid and had the first sip, ashtray comes to mind). Maybe this is the end of the first wave of third-wavers. Just look how little these people post on their blogs. Maybe in the end nothing will come of the third wave. It will replace frozen yogurt as the new word for a fad that never really made sense in the first place. Perhaps the shine is off. People have moved on to find the new set of trading cards. Maybe in the end all this will have done is that we make better coffee at home. Somebody please tell me I’m wrong.

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