As much as I’ve enjoyed this summer, the appeal of a week in the sun with the better half and no responsibilities was just too good to turn down. So here I am in Seville, in the south of Spain. Its ten to 9 right now and the weather outside is at 97C, although from my air conditioned room in Hotel Sevilla Center, you’d never tell.

I’ll keep the boring travel stories for our families, but I’ll let ye know about any culinary delights I encounter. So far the only coffee I’ve had was at the Hotel breakfast which sadly was quite stale, and unpleasant. Jenny, who now drinks espresso and never takes milk-so proud, thought it was so bad she couldn’t finish her cup. While it was terrible, for some reason I had to suffer two cups in order to feel human. I’m not sure if thats weird or not. Perhaps I need more coffee per day, bad or not, than Jen does. Considering I’ve tasted so much nice filter coffee over this summer,you’d think I’d hold back from allowing this robusta laden stuff. I’ve heard of other people drinking low quality stuff just for the hit, despite our general appreciation focuses on everything but the hit.

We’re just getting ready to head out for dinner, and I’m thinking Paella will go down very well right now with a nice bottle of red. On Monday morning, we’re hoping to head to Jerez, and take a tour of how Sherry is made.

I just wanna apologise too for those of you look at my flickr, I feel quite the hypocrite as normally I’m the guy who bitches about coffee people on flickr putting non coffee stuff up. I guess I’m just as human as everyone else, despite people’s observations.


4 thoughts on “Sevilla

  1. Have a great vacation! You deserve it. Enjoy the sun and don’t even think about us here stuck in the rain…
    Best wishes to both of you
    – Klaus

  2. it’s nice to see pictures of other things sometimes…. and i’m totally jealous of you in Spain, while we too sit here in the rain and about 11’C.

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