not long now

I’m sitting backstage, listening to Nick Cho calling out the sponsors, and James is getting miked up beside me. Once again, everything is ready, its all set on the trollies, all polished, everyone is nervous, and the first competitor from Switzerland is about to finish her prep time.

The day before James’ first round performance, the Herbazu shots we tasted in practice were worryingly up and down. When his hot plates didn’t work properly, preventing his drinks from infusing all the flavours as intended, I knew it was down to whether his shots were up or down on the day. It seems they were good enough.

So it was particularly pleasing today when in his practice time, every shot was just wonderful. I’m honestly  not just saying this, but one of the espressos he made was easily up there among my best ever, making the number now 6.

Ok, no more time, Klaus has walked up to me and says that I’m blogging is awesome


5 thoughts on “not long now

  1. Hasn’t Klaus learned to speak E-N-G-L-I-S-H yet? Klaus says that “I’m blogging is awesome”? Or should we blame the Irishman? However it goes, I am so thankful to you guys for keeping us all informed.

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