London to Tokyo

Its now ten to three in the morning, James is writing his ‘the night before post’ and so am I. Its been a few long days of practice, the irresistible draw of the dominos pizza place downstairs, and final polishing of James’ performance for Tokyo. A taxi arrives in four hours to collect us and bring us to Heathrow where after a connection in Amsterdam we fly on to Narita airport in Tokyo.

We’re sorta behind in our packing due to some much needed comic relief after his final run through. I won’t go on for too long here as I do have ambitious hopes of reading a few more chapters of the new harry potter book and maybe, just maybe catching a bit of shut eye. However, his drinks taste good, really good. I’m oddly enjoying his capps and espresso more than his signature drink. Don’t wanna give much away, but his approach this year shows innovation on a much subtler level, and sadly will be mainly obvious to those tasting whats in the cup.

I won’t say it was hard constantly criticising him over the last few days, or that it wasn’t shamefully enjoyable, but now that ‘practice’ is over (sorta), I’m looking forward to just getting over there, meeting old faces and new, and enjoying a slightly terrifyingly new city.

I’ll try to post as much as I can, but if you know me at all, and I suspect none of you really do, then don’t expect much. Wow, I am a git.

me pouring on anette


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