Independence Day

So today is the 4th of July, and I worry I’m not being patriotic enough as I realise I’m wearing all green, as opposed to any stars or stripes. But I’m not too bothered, its another gloriously hot day in LA and I’m sipping a tasty cappuccino made off the gs3 in our Kitchen.

I suspect in time people will start to better understand why some people hold Intelligentsia in such high regard. Its probably fair to say some of their biggest merits aren’t really known, definitely not within the general public, but also not really in the coffee community either. That said, the baristas in training for the new cafe here in Silverlake are being thoroughly trained in all aspects of the company various buying practices and along with some useful accessories will be able to explain to customers just why the company is so good, and perhaps more importantly, just what specialty coffee is and where its heading. Japan

I have around 2 more weeks working here with the LA Intelly crew before I head back home to Dublin. I will spend a few days there before flying over to London and begin helping James polish off his routine for the WBC. Jenny, my infinitely better half, should be tagging along and will also form part of Team Hoffmann for Tokyo. (We won’t actually be called Team Hoffmann by the way) Getting to go to Tokyo is fierce exciting, especially as I was quite sore to miss Bern last year. It’ll be interesting to see how big the western contingent is over there, seeing as its so bloody, but wonderfully far away.

As to what I’m doing after Tokyo, the details are hazy, but there are plans.

I’ll try to give some more insights into what Intelligentsia are doing here in LA , but for the moment I recommend you check out the blog for the latest news and grumbles from the camp.

In other, more personal news. The beard is gone. No pictures currently exist. I am half the man I was. I don’t like it.


5 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. No, no, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not true you lie!!! I hate you!!! You are dead to me!!!!


    Catching up with Arther tomorrow in Bathurst he has coffee with him from Intelli, its been too long to have not have a good plunger coffee.

  2. wow stephen… you look 21 now instead of older? I can even imagine that!! I am petitioning for ‘operation growbeard’ I will get back to you on how that is faring! Glad to hear you are doing so well on the coffee front. Alas..conrad and i have not been baristas in over 4 months…the tampers sit, sadly gathering dust *sniff*

  3. how you doin man?…finally i’ve found something about ya…and also i’m pretty glad that i was part of the most beautifull team ever been…you lopk good…you take care and i’ll see ya when i’ll come back to dublin…i’m actually in cairns australia…..paolo

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