It begins.


Well the weather isn’t perfect but the city has me charmed again already. We flew in yesterday afternoon, and after checking into our hotel, took a stroll the few blocks to my old work place Wicked Cafe. Alberto was working behind the bar and pulled me a lovely shot of Black Cat, which evoked a lot of memories all at once. Its such a distinct blend, that I always associate it with people and places.

The Elysian room was next, and we were greeted immediately with lots and lots of old faces that I’d sorely missed since my last trip over here. A few coffees and bear hugs later, we headed to Feenies where I struggled to finish an excellent burger due to being rather stuffed on poutine and also just silly tired, (we’d been up nearly 24 hours at that point).

I’m very very much looking forward to today, where we hope to check out the 49th roastery and a few cafes before heading to the Elysian lab for the big gathering. Particularly looking forward to seeing Logan and Irene of Discovery who are shipping themselves in from Victoria. All set to be a great night, as long as I don’t get sloppy drunk and fall asleep in the corner which sadly is quite likely.


5 thoughts on “It begins.

  1. Enjoy your summer! We might be crossing paths on your way home as I head over to the Pacific Northwest myself……

  2. I am very sad that i missed you but the night of the lab party i was knackered!! Hope you had a good time allround and if i ever get to ireland, i am baking on a place to stay!! I will cook…promise!

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