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On tuesday next I start my finals. So don’t be angry if you don’t hear a lot from me in those following three weeks. If however, you do hear a lot from me, you can pretty much assume that the exams aren’t going well and that I’ve decided to stop making an effort. At which point you can either join me in not caring anymore after 6 years of study, or you can slap me on the wrist (preferably via e mail) and tell me grow up and finish the exams.

Either way, I think you should all take a peak at my good, and sorely missed friend Deaton the Bigot Pigot’s blog. Its one of the most honest blogs out there at the moment, and although around 2 weeks behind where he’s actually at, provides an interesting insight and snapshot of some of the quality coffee corners the far side of the atlantic.

Also, I thought I’d post this little interview I did with a certain coffee celebrity at the recent Danish Barista Champs. As the competition was held at a Women’s Vision conference, there was ‘other’ events being held.

and heres a tulip I did this morning, still not as good as the one Sammy did in that video I posted before, but getting better I think. Its always that last heart that causes trouble.


5 thoughts on “Deaton’s Blog

  1. Good luck with the exams, let me be a lesson to you, if you don’t study you will have to stand for the rest of your life next to a roaster wondering what you could have done. 

    Seriously Stephen good luck

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