Long Beach

I’m very irritable at the moment. Namely because I’m missing this.

Also, the Dalla Corte machine I’ve had at home for the last few weeks is about to leave. I’m surprised at how much I enjoyed having it, especially as Ive always seen myself as a filter guy instead. Maybe it was just being able to play around with shots and latte art whenever I wanted, but it was just cool having it. The machine works very well, the two boilers ensuring great steam pressure.

morning shots

It heats up very quickly, its easy to clean, although I was shocked at just how quicklty it kept getting dirty. Literally after 5/6 shots I was noticing that dirty taste, and would have to clean it again. From that I made work on saturday particularly about cleaning with the baristas. At one point I had the guys srub out their pfs and said we’d come back in an hour and see how clean they’d be. Unfortunately, one of our new baristas Gareth came on duty during that hour, and immediately cleaned out the pfs, making my experiment a bit pointless. I know that for the rest of the day, they wouldn’t get too dirty, and decided I’d demonstrate it another time when less attentive staff were on.

So back to the Dalla Corte. It has a silly temperature control button that is not nearly as precise as I’d like and if my sources are correct, masks the potential temp stability capable of the machine. At first the design is a bit off putting, but after a while I got used to it. Shots were very consistent, once everything was dialed in. I didn’t really experiment around as much as I’d have liked, but this is exam season so I have an honest excuse. It strikes me now, that I’m forever using college as a reason for not doing things, and that in 4 weeks time, I’ll no longer have that excuse.

It will be very interesting to see who wins the usbc, as the competition is so tough this year. With 5 past winners, its gonna be very difficult to call a winner before the announcement. So while I spend my days wishing I was over there catching up with Klaus and Deaton, I’ll cherish my last few days with the Dalla Corte, before I hand it back to the very kind, and very wonderful Damian, head engineer at Bewleys who lent it to me in the first place. Thanks again mate.

Finally, heres something I made for Dad this morning; you get to see me looking very groggy and worryingly resembling a troll, oh and people on the radio talking about the upcoming Irish elections, enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Long Beach

  1. That’s a niiiiiiice pour! So you just need your dad around, eh 😉 Seriously, that’s quite something!
    Deat’ and I missed you too. (‘That warm, fluffy bear that is Stephen’ as Deaton put it) But you’ll get to be around those edges of the world soon too.
    Take care!

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