Playing with beans, and other goings on

Things have been happening recently that are more than worthy of their own independent posts. Some I can’t yet speak publicly about and others I just haven’t gotten round too. Let me give you a quick summary, with a hope to elaborate in the future.

  • I’m only a couple weeks away from finishing college which if any of you know me at all, you’ll know that its sort of a big deal for me. Sadly the ‘big deal’ label relates more to finally getting college out of the way as opposed to any pride in getting a degree.
  • One of my closest friends and co-workers has left the country. Deaton the Pigot (ho ho), is currently making his way around north and central America and I highly recommend, if interested in what a traveling barista gets up to, that you take a peek at his blog, journaling his tales. He’s a great guy and will be in Long Beach if any of you wanna meet him.
  • We have a new coffee guy in town by the name of Csar. Fresh from developing a passion for coffee in Vancouver, Robert and his charming girlfriend Amber are in Ireland for the year on a work visa. Robert was wisely hired by Bewleys almost immediately and is gearing up to take over my position as in house trainer for Bewleys Cafe on Grafton Street. Its been really interesting seeing Robert’s approach to training, and how he’s responded to the Irish Coffee scene. Read his clever mumbling here.
  • So as the last post suggests, I will be leaving the country and my job again, except this time it will be for a much longer period than before. I’d like to give more details and I promise I will, but I’ll ask you to be patient for the time being.
  • Coffee people are nearly always lovely. One person who always spreads this perception is Steve Leighton of Hasbean Coffee. I ordered a bag of his sidamo online recently only to have Steve throw in 5 more bags of coffee for my tasting. This will be the worthy subject of my next post which I’ll try get done by the end of the week.
  • I’m off to Copehagen next weekend to hang out with Bjorg of Kontra and Klaus somebody or other. I’m really looking forward to checking out their cafe scene as well as watching their national finals on the Sunday. I’ll take lots and lots of photos.
  • The weekend after that I’m heading up to Belfast for the first ever Barista Jam on this island. I’m still not exactly sure what the layout is but I have great trust in Se and Hugh who are organising it, so if you’re around you should check it out.

I find a post is always easier to take in when its got photos so to please your eyes, you’ll notice the unusual sight below me. I was working with 4th place in the IBC, Rachael Coss on Sunday and we were talking about co2 emission rates with fresh coffee and for some reason decided to see if it was visible in water. So we plonked some beans that were around 2 hours old into a glass of hot water, and the result is, as you can say, weird. I’ve told James he should take some shots with his far superior macro lens so keep an eye out for that.

Thats all for now, need to square off to the few more miles of college work that I have left.


2 thoughts on “Playing with beans, and other goings on

  1. Gonna need a barista here in Grand Cayman. Can you ask around for me??? Pretty good pay and I can help with housing. The person will need to have a clean police record for work permit and pay there own flight. Have them contact me for info, thanks!

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