epic & a new appearence

First of all, unless you read my drivel exclusively off a feed, you might have noticed my new blog template. I’m not sure if I only prefer it because its new, and I worry the font is too small but I’d like to hear some of your opinions if you have them. On another note, I think Jim’s latest post is one of his best and wish more bloggers out there did stuff like that. I’m working on doing something similar by the end of the week but will hold off on details till I actually do it.

The other interesting part of today was tasting the epic espresso blend sent to me by 49th. As instructed we pulled it in an up dosed double in a standard lm basket to just under 2 fl oz. It took a shot or two to dial it in but we had it pouring nice pretty quickly. The shots were really good, especially as I count myself as a non espresso guy. They had a really good fruit pointing out that somehow was still controlled while a buttery mouth feel made the whole shot quite round and toffee like. It didn’t have so much of a strong sweet finish but rather something very interesting that lingered and annoyingly I couldn’t place.

I was interested to see how it held up as a single shot and was surprised that I preferred the double instead. It wasn’t nasty or anything, but just lost its balance although I think I could have fooled around with the parameters a bit more had I not had some actual work to do. I gave shots to a few of the baristas on shift and all seemed very impressed, remarking largely how different it was to our own blend and how bright and yet not sharp it was.

I really do love coffee and the diversity in flavours it offers.

Big thanks again to the 49th crew for sending it over. Anyone else wants to be generous feel free,..


3 thoughts on “epic & a new appearence

  1. Hey Stephen,

    I’m glad the coffee made it there safely! So this is what it takes to have you drink doubles eh?! Glad you enjoyed our Epic Espresso, we are very happy with the results of this truly unique blend.

    49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

  2. Hey Stephen, like the new look. The typeface is really nice and I like the way the straight line of the latte art is on the same line as the text. Nice continuity. Layout is good too although I liked the hover buttons on the banner from your last style and didn’t you have more flickr photos on display in your sidebar?

    All in all though, I like.


  3. hey stephen, nice new blog, allthough the last one was easier to rest your eyes on i thought. i´ll be back in home on the 17th and i will kill you with my bare hands if you go to copenhagen this april without letting me or david in on your plans. hope to see you there, take care! Liv

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