a non coffee post

Now I don’t normally post non coffee things on this, so don’t be pissed at me. But I was rambling around on youtube a bit this morning and found this ad I hadn’t seen in a while. As just stated, it has nothing to do with coffee, a fact which some of you might take offense at. However, if you didn’t take offense to it, perhaps something in the clip might push your patience.

the next post will be only about coffee, I assure you.


4 thoughts on “a non coffee post

  1. I don’t get it. Is it a commercial for a channel in the UK? How they allow swearing, unlike all basic cable and major networks in the US?

    Dude… didn’t you watch enough Canadian channels when you were up here? A healthy dose of “Trailer Park Boys” shows more swearing in 30 minutes than you’d see in most movies 😀

  2. i love swearing,very colourful way of expressing yourself like winnebago man on you tube,fun stuff

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