London Trip 1

Its Monday morning, and I’m browsing through photos of my trip to London over the weekend. I was over for a family thing but found time to hang out with Jim a good bit, play around in the lab at London School of Coffee/Mercanta and do the mandatory trips to Flat White and Monmouth, both of which, held up to their reputation. This is post no. 1 as next week I’ll be flying over to help Jim with the UK finals, and will provide you with post 2. Nice of me no?

I flew in just silly early on Friday morning, and treated myself to a trip on the Heathrow Express, which had me in Paddington 15 minutes later, waiting at coffee kiosk for Jim to meet me. Sadly Jim’s choice on commuter train proved not as efficient as mine so it took him a little longer to turn up than planned. I didn’t mind too much though as one could do a lot worse for people watching than an hour in London’s Paddington Station. Knowing we were going to be drinking a fair bit of coffee that day, I held back on ordering a coffee at the Ritazza stand, and ordered a juice instead.

It was funny seeing what concepts of cleaning they chose to employ and those they didn’t see fit to bother with. The steam wand was cleaned but only every few minutes, not after each use. Apart from that though, they never flushed between shots, and never cleaned out the pf’s. I know these sins aren’t uncommon, but I can’t help but be amazed when you see it. It’s so clearly filthy, and yet the queue was huge.

After a nice breakfast on Marleybone st, we set to Carnaby Street where we checked out a new cafe called Sacred.

I suppose the most interesting aspect of this place was the way they had their two group linea perched high almost on a pedastool. It was almost like the barista alter. The espresso we had weren’t great, but they seemed to making an effort and I’m sure will improve in time. I’ll probably go back next weekend.

Next up was Flat White in SoHo. I love this place, you’re always made welcome and I love the way the bar is designed in such a way that you can easily walk around and see them prepare your drink. Their latte art is so consistent and they show an attention to detail with their espresso rarely seen in these isles. I’m yet to have a bad experience here and am already looking forward to going back there next weekend. I’ll have pics in the next post but you can check here if you’re desperate.

Next up was Monmouth which was packed as usual and so we decided to take our drinks outside. I ordered a cup of the El Salvador Le fany, and Jim had a Rwandan that I forget the name of. They were brewed in their standard melitta on cups although sadly the coffees weren’t as good as previous Monmouth visits, still an utterly charming place.


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