Irish Barista Championship- Semi Finals

Today was a long one.  Up at 6, a quick breakfast of poached eggs and rashers at work, and then a day of judging the first 15 of the 32 competitors entering the Irish Barista Championship. I did sensory for the morning and then switched over to Tech for the afternoon. I used to think I preferred sensory but I realise now that I like them both the same and that as blog topics go, its possibly one of the most dull ones I’ve ever decided to mention. Sorry for that.

The standards were definitely better than last year but unfortunately no one really stood out as a possible candidate for a good ambassador for the Irish coffee culture for Tokyo and for home.  For the most part everyone seemed familiar with scoresheets but ultimately failed to fully comprehend the reasoning behind a lot of the rules, and so when combined with nerves, a lot of the drinks tasted very average with 2.5’s being the score of the day, at least for me. Many people did not have the correct cups, and a lot of people clearly hadn’t invested time or effort into their presentations. This led to many judges feeling a little disgruntled as it should be said, judges at semi finals are nearly always doing the work for free, and like to feel they’re there to judge serious competitors. Sigh.

Four of the competitors tomorrow work with me and so I will have to step out when they compete, hopefully allowing me time to take pics for you ever keen readers.

more tomorrow


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