Off to Chicago in the morning, with a strong feeling its going to be a wonderful couple of days.

I’ll naturally be checking out Intelligentsia and all its spots, and hopefully I’ll be meeting up with their wholesale trainer Sarah Kluth, of recent Portafilter podcast praise.  I’m really looking forward to tasting Black Cat when it hasn’t been in a plane. After spending a summer working with it, It will be interesting to see how close I ever got to what they consider Great Black Cat.

I’ll also be checking out Metropolis Roasters uptown as they have a great reputation and their website is pretty nifty too. I’m dying to see them level their pfs in a rush.

But probably the best thing about the trip will be the chance for Jen and I to catch up with two of our closest friends who are flying down from Vancouver, AJ and Lyndsey.  AJ currently works in The Elysian room and has promised to bring some infamous nova coffee. See how quickly I went from discussing a non coffee thing to a coffee thing.  Worrying.

I’ve stupidly promised to bring lots of coffee home with me so I can see myself buying an extra suitcase.

So you can expect many many photos and I will also try blog a plenty.

Happy New Year all.


One thought on “Chicago

  1. Happy New Year Stephen!
    Great to meet you this week down on Grafton. I’ve been enjoying the CoE La Florida a lot, in fact, I’m having a cup right now.
    And cheers for the fantastic cappuccinos – the art certainly wasn’t shabby!! Garrett and Kyria were blown away and it did something to dispel the myth that this coffee freakdom is all just in my head! So thank you for that!
    Have a great time in Chicago, I’m jealous!
    Best regards

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