Just a quick hello. I´m currently in Malaga in the south of Spain celebrating my mother´s 60th birthday. The city is quietly charming with lots of small streets and some good shopping strips.  The coffee Stephen, what about the coffee?

Well dear readers, I just don´t get it. Its largely dark roasts,  laden with robusta, quiet stale, with machines that are generally dirty, I´m yet to see a pf being cleaned between shots, its always served with burnt, reheated milk, its consistently under-extracted and yet despite this, my entire family love it and reckon they´ve never had coffee as good!

I want to say well now, its because well you´re in Spain for Gods Sake, of course things will taste better. But somehow I don´t believe it. They love the speed, the simplicity apparently the taste, but also the non fuss of it all. It is interesting how the robusta adds such body to the shots despite their diarrhea like extractions. (excuse my descriptive vulgarity).

 So anyway, despite some interesting bar layouts which wouldn´t work back home due to the different service on offer here, I´m yet to see any truly quality focused cafes in Malaga. The coffee here, in my opinion at least, is far from foul, or offensive. It is simple, no nonsense, a little rough and leaves you with a pleasent tar like finish.



One thought on “ola

  1. Cool that you’ve been there. I need to go to check a property that my grandfather owned there.

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