the swedes are leaving

It looks like I’ll be doing a fair bit of roasting over Christmas although I wish it was under different circumstances. As you may already know, we roast all our coffee in house on a 5 kilo Probat and are currently going through around 400 kilo’s a month. Sadly over the next few days, two of the best staff we’ve ever had, Liv and Dave will be leaving. Liv is heading off to work in Austria and Dave is moving back to Malmo in Sweden where I beleive he is keen to get involved in roasting, even if it means commuting to Coppenhaggen each day.

Luckily one of the baristas in the cafe Rachael has developed anough of a passionfor coffee that she’s gonna leave the bar behind for the glory of roasting. I remember when I first stepped away from focusing wholly on my barista skills and became more aware of roasting, and the immeadite sense of Christ I haven’t a clue. But surely enough, you stick at it, an d you knowledge and skill develops but all the same I think it’ll be interesting to see Rachael go through the same process.

The reason I’ll be doing more hours though is that we are yet to find another person to become a roaster. We’d like to get someone with a little coffee backround if possible but its not a necessity. What is important though , and it seems a little superfluos saying this, is that they must drink coffee. So should you know anyone who lives in Ireland, or the EU, has good english, and a friendly personality, drop me an e mail and we’ll arrange an interview.


3 thoughts on “the swedes are leaving

  1. We have the stragest phenomenon at our shop, a couple of the newest hires, as well as the general manager, are not coffee or espresso drinkers. It is funny what a business owners will do in an effort to increase the bottom line. The irony, of course, is that it makes it that much harder to whip the cafe into profitable shape. As luck would have it, there are a couple that have that twinkle in the eye, and stand out like sore thumbs. These are the ones who ask things like how do we callibrate this equipment, and how come most shops have undrinkable cappucino. So you should know the right the person when you come across them, I just wish we had the “right person” in charge of hirering.

    Phil Proteau

  2. Stephen
    With everything going on right now, i wish i could up and leave for Ireland join you behind the roaster and just create great coffee. Im eye deep in business decisions and coffee is were the passion lies.

  3. Fly me out and I’m yours. I miss you.

    …And by ‘I’m yours’ I mean, ya know, not like, with you-knows and all the…. ah geez….

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