Welcome to the beard’s new online home. I figure enough people have moved over to WordPress that its ok now to follow suit. Those of you who hoped I’d get rid of the whole flyingthud thing, well I’m sorry to disappoint. Its sorta stuck now and I can’t envision a change anytime soon. It was quite funny hearing Nick Cho trying to say it on one of the podcasts and recently I’ve been getting these scary visions of the future with ‘The Thud Cafe’, or ‘Flying Thud Coffee Roasters’. I’ll change it some day. Here’s a nice pic to start off the new home.

Pour shot


3 thoughts on “welcome

  1. Hi Stephen.
    you are going to freeze your ass in Chicago in January. I have some friends in the windy city whom I shall ask but they’re not geeks so may not help.
    Are you competing again or is that soooo last year?

    New guys in “grounded” opened shop with La Marzocca fb70 some serious equipment turning up in newry.

    See ya

  2. New site looks great. I have been working on a new espresso blend maybe something for competitions using a beatiful new El Salvador. Let me know your adress and i will send some out to you.

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