I have been home now for just over a week. Since setting back into my final year of college and catching up with friends, I have come to realise a number of things;

  • I do not blog enough
  • I do not upload enough pictures to flickr. (I have around 400 that need uloading)
  • I miss Vancouver and all my friends there terribly. (whether they miss me as much is questionable)

I would like to say a sincere thank you to all the people I met in Vancouver and Seattle. It has been a fantastic summer and I have come home even more passionate about coffee. I learnt an awful lot from all of you and I’m only sorry I didn’t have more time to get to know you all better.
Its really a matter of time before Jen and I make it back over to visit you all again. I am determined to get to Tokyo, even if I have to compete to do so….

I probablys houldn’t do this as I know I will forget and offend certain people, but I’d just like to give a quick shout to all the people who help make the summer great. In no particular order;

Alistair Durie
Aaron DeLazzer
Andrew and Linzhyee Friesen
Robert Goble and Narrrrrr (spelling?)
Brad Ford & Arthur Wynne
Vince Piccolo
Lindsey Parker
Matt, Matti, Drew, Nathan, Sandra, Randy, Johnathan and Johnathan, Mandy and Justin, John, Claire, Arlo and Ella
Mark Prince, Beata and Marzocco (the pet not the machine)
the GS3 (the pet not the machine)
Sean Barber
Sam Jones
Amadeus Pizza
Lucas and Irene
Frankie, Javier and Wayne
Les Kuan
Anji Loff
Michael Yung
Spencer, Murray, Matt and Jaclyn
John Sanders
Phil Robertson
Peter Van de Reep
Noodle Box
Reg Barber

I am sure I’ve forgotten some really important people and if I do I shall add them to the list promtly. But in all seriousnesss, the above people and establishments are all wonderful and shall be sorely missed.

I promise to blog some interesting stuff very shortly. I’m applying for a loan today to buy a laptop (macbook) and I shall be investing my loan in some fluke goodies too.


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