tardy blog keeping is a habit best avoided.

I apologise for the lack of noise coming from this blog recently but I assure you I have been busy. I am writing this post from my new luxury apartment in Granville Island , courtesy of one of my new neighbour’s wireless connections. Also, Arthur has arrived and I will be picking up my infinitely better half (Jenny), tomorrow from the airport. (I say picking up, however I do not drive so it will be either a bus or taxi job, and should you have interpreted ‘picking up’ to mean I’d actually be picking Jenny up, well sadly I have neither the muscle or the stamina for such activities. She’ll get a hug and kiss and she’ll be happy with it)

So where was I,..yeah Arthur has finally shown himself, after being in the country for three days recouperating from three days of travel difficulties and subsequent baggage loss. For those who know him I can happily report he is looking as glowing and inky as ever. I also met Lyndsey from Artigiano for the first time. She is the manager of the bustling Artigiano Cafe on Hornby St, and is famed in particular for her latte art skills. I think I’ve convinced her to give me a tutorial or too, especially as I feel I’ve developed some bad habits from attempting multi art lately. I met her in Artigiano at roughly the same time that the Panama Hacienda la Esmeralda arrived, as well as an interesting Sumatra that I forget the name of. Lake something or other. Brad?? For those who don’t know, the Esmeralda reached a record price in the Best of Panama this year. ($50.25 a pound of Green, which is even higher than the Brazil COE #1 Santa Ines.) There was an interesting air of excitement in Elysian when it arrived. There was around 7 of us all tasting it at the same time off the clover, and yet no one really said much about it. We all enjoyed it, and agreed it was a beautiful cup, but there wasn’t exactly a brainstorm of flavour identifying. It is interetsing too as Alistair had decided to pre-sell 12 cups of the for $10 a cup, so I think its fair to say the expectations were running high. Did it deliver? IWell I really liked it, but I’ll have to try taste it again I’m afraid, as I’d already had a lot of coffee beforehand. It’ll be cool to see how it shines in a french press.

right. I’m sure there’s spelling mistakes left right and center in this, but its late, and my bed ( a dusty mattress) has been calling my name for some time now.

so I apologise yet again for the rambling manner of this post, although as it’s becoming the norm I think I should probably stop apologising for it.

night folks.


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