Life is good at the moment. I’ve been working seven days in a row which was a little hard going, but then I really wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’ve really enjoyed being a full time barista again, getting to know the staff, the regulars, and seeing my latte art return to form. There’s something so satisfying when you clear a line knowing that your drinks were all of a high quality. Its an ego thing I know, but I love people’s faces when they respond to latte art.

I’m not nealy half as annoyed by the complicated orders as I thought I might be. For some disturbing reason, a customer ordering a ‘16oz half-caf, non fat latte with an extra shot and with semi sweet vanilla, extra hot, and with soy milk‘ doesn’t really bother me. Possibly because such orders are simply the norm. But I would question each customers ability to detect the difference each preference in the order provides.

Its been a bit of an education using the swift grinder. Its something I was initially quite skeptical about but now suprisingly respect. It felt really weird at first; sorta like handing over a central part of well engrained routine to somebody you don’t know or necessarily trust. You can still make superior shots on a manual grinder, but I’m quite suprised the Swift didn’t take off more in Europe. If you train your staff to dial the grinder in properly, you could be capable of a standard of espresso far higher than the averafe cafe, at least in Dublin.

After work today, Brad came in and we headed down to Granville island. Before we left, we grabbed, a couple of tampers, pitchers, cloths, group handles, coffee, a grinder and milk, and threw it into the back of Brads Honda. There was just enough room for the lot,… in between the boxes of Intelligentsia coffee, equipment from the shop, oh, and a La Marzocco GS3.

There was a digital media conference on in Granville Island, and Brad had agreed to provide free coffee in the break. We rolled our equipment in, set up on a rocky plastic table, and were up and running in around 5 minutes. People started coming over pretty quickly, especially when they realised it was free. Brad was on shots, and I was on milk. We did around 70 drinks in rougly 15/20 minutes. The shots were just beautiful, although the steam pressure couldn’t reallyt keep up (especially after a round of Americano’s) I should mention that this was one of the prototype gs3’s and that many features, such as the steam pressure have been tweaked. I would talk more about the shots, but I’ve been going through a funny spout of not wanting coffee for the last three days. I really can’t explain it though Brad thinks I just coffeed out on the first few days (excuse the pun), and that my body was just re-adjusting. I’ve been a bit ill as well which didn’t help, but knowing all you readers are out there wishing me well, I’m sure I’ll be fine in no time, thanks for that.

If you wanna see pics of the gs3, click here for my flickr photos.

more soon,



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