I’m off

Hi, so, this is very quick. Its half six on Thursday morning, and I’m just about to leave for Vancouver. After going through an indifferent couple of hours last night as I was packing, I’m suddenly very excited, and a little nervous. I couldn’t decide whether or not I’d bring my barista case as I felt I might not get full use out of it. But as it looks like I’ll be doing a bit of training anyway, and I’m still under the weight resrictions for British Airways, I decided sure feck it. I might as well.

I was talking to Mark Prince last night over gmail chat, and he’s very kindly invited me to dinner, with himself, Alistair Durie, Brad Ford, Kent Bakke and a no. of other top people in the PNW speciality scene. So I’m really looking forward to that, even though when we sit down to eat, it’ll be around 5 am my time, so I’ll be reasonably exhasuted. So unfortunately, I think my first shots in Vancouver will be all about the buzz and not the quality. Sorry Mark.

See all you European heads when I get back, and any of you in the Vancouver area, well hopefully I’ll meet you soon.

I’ll hopefully post a lot about my experiences over there, so stay tuned if your into that sorta stuff.

bye for now


One thought on “I’m off

  1. It’s too bad that you couldn’t be around for the whole dinner, Stephen, it was great, but it sure was good to see you there at the end, and you got to have a bit of the 30 yr. old Tawny – I was hoping they’d be able to bring you out a desert as well, but Jeff used up all his cool ingredients for the 13 settings there.–>

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