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I’d a good day today. My orchestration exam went just swimmingly, and so I headed out to see Buzz in Donnybrook Fair with my friend Susan for lunch. Buzz has recently changed coffee supplier and is now using an espresso blend by Londonbased UnionCoffee Roasters. After a gorgeous lunch (blue cheese and pear topped with rocket, poached egg, black pudding and mustard dressing), I ordered an espresso. I knew Buzz was excited about the new blend and he’d mentioned it was a hit with his customers too,so I was eager to taste it. And what was it like?

I’ve never had such a hit of dark chocolate from an espresso. Thinking of it now, I don’t even recall much of a coffee taste, just waves of cocoa. He said it was a blend sourced solely from Rwanda which might suggest the solitary flavour profile, but regardless I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was possibly one of the best espresso’s I’ve been served in Dublin in quite a while. It was unsurprisingly great as a macchiato too

I think its important to mention at this point, that I believe there’s probably quite a lot of good coffee companies in Ireland, who don’t recieve enough praise for their coffee. This however, is sadly often their own fault as many just don’t put enough emphasis on training. The reason that Buzz’s espresso was so good was because yes it was a good coffee to begin with, but mainly because Buzz knows how to serve great coffee. Hoffer (as I never call him except for right there) often makes a point of saying he doesn’t make great coffee, rather he serves great coffee.

There are a lot of different Irish roasters making great yet there is only a few cafes serving it. A stupid state of affairs. If every roaster in Ireland had one cafe that did their coffee justice, coffee culture in Dublin would be a lot more interesting.

So what I’ll do is, I’ll head off to Vancouver for a few months, and the rest of you sort your game out. Reasonable? Perhaps, but not realistic. There was an article in a paper the other day about 25 crap things in Ireland (not the exact article title) and one thing it included was the low quality of coffee down the country. The article lamented on how the great coffee boom in Dublin wasn’t through the isle. All I’ll say is, I don’t know how proud I’d be to say that rural towns have cafes serving coffee ‘dublin style’. I feel like I moan a lot about this issue, and maybe I have good reason to, but until respectm especially financial respect is given to good barista’s then things aren’t gonna start changing for quite a while. A tired topic I know, but I needed to vent. My thanks for your time.

In other news, I also caught up with Arthur again today, and as he’s rarely online, I took all his photos from Bern and posted them on my flickr. Enjoy.

ps: I’m getting very good at hyperlinks.


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