Vancouver on the horizon

After a refreshingly easy exam today, I had lunch with Arthur who was fresh off the plane from Bern. Once I got over the initial blast of jealousy, I got really excited and wanted to hear everything! He finally ended up entering three competions; the latte art, coffee and alcohol, and the cupping. As always in these comps, if things are ever gonna go wrong, they will on the day. Arthur seemed to suffer from some abrupt cases of invasivecamerameninyourfaceitus. Something I can recall from competing in Greece last year. Despite this, he is now a wbc certified judge and actually came 6th best in the sensory. Which considering the calibre of people involved is really an achievement in my books. Now you’ll notice that my tone regarding Arthur so far is one of great admiration. Well, theres a reason.

The kid did well;

He also got some stumptown coffee’s that I can’t wait to cup tomorrow. I’ve only got three more exams left and then a week before I leave for Vancouver. I’m just getting silly excited about it now. I’ve been living on craigslist trying to sort an apartment, but to no avail. I’m guessing I’ll sort it when I arrive. I need to find some hard foam for my training case before I leave. You’d think that’d be easy but its proving difficult. Any help would be appreciated.

On another quick note, I ordered a capp after lunch today and got served this. It was a little bubbly, (due mainly to it being lunch time, table service and me sitting far away from machine) but its so easy to forget just how nice it is to get served a coffee of this standard. I don’t mean to plug my own cafe, as that is not the purpose of this blog. So I won’t.


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