the monarchy and my brother

Sorry for the tardy blog keeping friends, but I have been busy entertaining my girlfriend, a full time if worthy job, in itself. We spent a weekend in Edinburgh which was beautiful but a tad lacking in the specialty coffee scene and also recently spent a night in the 4 seasons in Dublin. Do you care readers? Probably not, but staying in the 4 seasons, with all it’s extravagance got me thinking.
They charge around 5/6 euro for quite a poor meringue like cappuccino and I hear most high end restaurants in Dublin can charge anything up to 7 euro for an espresso. I understand the price is more representative of the level of service, the scrumptious freshly baked biscuits and lavish surroundings, but I got started wondering if the Queen in England drinks coffee, and if she does is it any good? I’m sure we can presume she gets the same level of service, and enjoys the very definition of lavish interiors, but do her staff employ their famous attention to detail to the brewing process? or how they store the beans? or how fresh they are? or whether they even use beans? Surely not instant? Can we be sure? Even if Liz doesn’t drink coffee, I think we can safely presume that guests at stately dinners will drink a cup now and again. Do you think she has an espresso machine? If so how many? Buckingham Palace is pretty big and we all know the problems with an espresso left idle too long……a 2 group in each wing?? I’m sure we can presume each of her country estates’s are all kitted out properly. And what about other world leaders? Tony Blair? Somehow I all too easily imagine a filter coffee jug stewing away in No. 10 Anyone know what Bush drinks after dinner?

In other news, my brother is an idiot. Who would think the person that originally got me into coffee would be so stupid. Yes I was silly leaving a sample of green beans around the kitchen, but you never think it will happen. I wasn’t there when it happened but I’ve since cleaned out the whole burr system and put it back together again, and changed the fuse in the plug, but she still ain’t working. I presume now that the motors busted. So for the time being, a trip to my house does not guarantee a good coffee. Sad times indeed.

RIP pro-line.


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